Welfare refers to the quality of life that an animal experiences and can be thought of in terms of the ‘five freedoms’ that all animals should be expected to enjoy.  These are freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition, freedom from injury, disease and infestation, freedom to display most natural patterns of behaviour, freedom from fear and the freedom to be provided with appropriate comfort and shelter.


Look after your pet well, understand its basic requirements and always ensure that it has a warm, dry place to sleep and somewhere to exercise.  Provide it with good wholesome food to eat and see that fresh clean water is always available for it to drink.


There are many countries and districts which lay down specific requirements to ensure that the pig has a minimum standard of welfare provided.  It is vital that all pet pigs meet these minimum standards.  Pet pigs should become an integral part of your family and given this respect will reward you with years of faithful companionship.