To keep your pet pig fit and healthy you must provide it with regular exercise.  Try and aim for 20 minutes exercise twice daily.  If left to their own devices, pigs will sleep for the greater part of the day, especially as they become adult, if kept indoors or in a pen.  In devising an exercise schedule, bear in mind why you want your pet to have exercise. 


Some reasons for exercise

To keep the limbs, heart and lungs in good condition.

To provide a natural way of keeping the toe nails from growing too long.

To build up an appetite for food.

To help prevent your pet from getting too fat and bored.

To help avoid constipation.




A common way of exercising one or more pigs is to put food scattered over clean ground or in a food trough at some distance from the pen or house door, then let the pig out and call to it to come and eat.  The first time you may need to tempt the pig with some food in your hand and at the same time call or whistle.  Very soon the pig will get the message and when you call it will come galloping towards you to get its food, but remember don’t feed more than the daily allocation including tit-bits.


Remember:  Exercising must take place on concrete or rough ground as well as on soft sandy ground because good foot care does rely upon the sole of the foot being kept worn down by continual contact with a rough surface.  However, you must be careful not to wear down the feet too much, otherwise they will become painful and your pet will become very lame.  Also try not to exercise in direct sunlight unless your pet is used to it.


A very good way of exercising both owner and pig is to run ahead of the pig—tempting it initially with food, but stopping this as soon as possible to avoid the pig getting too many tit-bits and probably becoming too fat and overweight.


Pigs love going for a walk in the woods

Even in the winter time walking can be fun