Reducing health risks for farm staff

health safety cover wound 2

Cover all wounds promptly

Report all accidents to the farm manager

AI collection washing hands

Wash hands

Regularly wash your hands, particularly after treating any sick pigs.

Wash your hands before eating, drinking or going to the toilet

Moving pig  board


To avoid injury always move animals appropriately, for example using a pig board.

Always use extreme caution when moving adult boars or a sow and her litter

Sec trans cleaning 9 disinfect inside

Flying objects

When pressure washing wear suitable protective clothing – protect your eyes, face and hands in particular.

Health and safety face masks


When handling dust environments ensure that you wear face masks to protect your respiratory system.


Wear ear protection when working with pigs.  Especially during noisy times, such as feeding, handling and blood collection.

AI gloves initial

Infection and spread of pathogens

Wear gloves when handling sick pigs – especially when the condition is contagious to other pigs or is zoonotic.

If you participate in a post-mortem or handle blood wear gloves

Medicine fridge good1

Needles, medicines and syringes

Ensure that all needles are covered.  Store medicines and syringes appropriately.  Dispose of all used needles, syringes and medicine bottles in a sharp’s container.

Get vaccinated against H1N1 2009 Influenza.  Consult with your doctor about other zoonotic diseases which are available for vaccination in your area.

Sec food on farm kr 4

Human food storages and facilities

If staff are going to eat at the farm, provide suitable facilities where food can be stored and eaten cleanly.  Do not allow pig food products onto the farm.

Air light smoke desend


Ensure that there is sufficient light to work safely among the pigs – minimum of 50 lux

Electrics waterpoof 1


Ensure that the farm’s electrics are well maintained to avoid electrocution and fir risks

Slurry flush system au


Pay particular care when moving or mixing the slurry and manure.  There can be extremely toxic gases in manure which can kill people and pigs.  Hydrogen sulphide  (H2S) in particular needs watching.  This has no smell when toxic!

Fire hydrant

Fire Risk

Ensure that the farm has a written policy regarding what to do if there is a farm fire.  Note pigs will run back into the fire when realized.  Do not put yourself at risk to save the pigs.