Batch Farrowing Place

Health - monitoring medicine use


The batch farrowing place's ability to predict farm output can be used to monitor medicine use on the farm.  The medicines used to prevent diseases are ideally placed.

In the spreadsheet below ensure that the vaccine dose and bottle size is correct.  Input the use of the relevant medicines on your farm.  The spreadsheet provides a guide to correct use.  The default example below shows a farm with issues on their preventative medicine programme.  Blank default.

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The spreadsheet helps the health team to ensure that the preventative medicine programme is adequate.  On the default farm the preventative medicine programme is inadequate with regards to

the Escherichia coli (E. coli) control for sows and gilts - thus diarrhoea in piglets could be expected.

Parvovirus vaccination - thus reproductive performance may be suboptimal

Haemophilus parasuis vaccination - more piglets post-weaning may have Glsser's disease

Mycoplasma vaccination - thus more finishing pigs may have respiratory disease


Thus these simple failures in the preventative programme can affect the health and performance of the whole farm.