Batch farrowing place

Finishing output expectations


The batch farrowing place provides a tool which easily allows for comparison between the real world and the target world and allows for what if calculations.


If we set up the farm's batch parameters we can calculate output expectations

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This clearly indicates the importance of numbers weaned per farrowing place

On the default set up:

To achieve a 20,000 improvement in profits (in our default farm) the options are:

0.5 pig weaned per farrowing place improvement - realistic with better gilt management - a farm issue

5% improvement in survival to slaughter - unrealistic especially when the requirement goes below a finishing rate of 97% (3% post-weaning mortality)

Live-weight improvement of 5kg - which may be possible - but this is likely to need an extra week of finishing space

A 2% improvement in killing out % - which is realistic but needs better selection at finishing and possibly a review of genetics.


The spreadsheet also indicates the tremendous advantage of small changes by combining these parameters in the same batch. Doing all of these changes results in a 67,000 improvement in profit on our default farm.