Batch farrowing place

Farrowing - will my room layout allow for all-in/all-out?


The farrowing room is often the easiest place to start with a pig flow model.

To achieve all-in/all-out, it is essential that this occurs in the farrowing area.  Unfortunately, many farms do not have a suitable layout of farrowing places per room or rooms to allow for all-in/all-out.  This is a critical consideration when you are trying to grow a farm.  You cannot grow a farm just by adding on nursery space.


How many farrowing places do you have and what is your weaning age?

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Thus our example farm of 20 farrowing places per week, with 4 week weaning and 100 farrowing places works as an all-in/all-out concept - assuming there are 5 rooms/areas each with 20 farrowing places.

But if we only had 98 farrowing places, once weekly batching would not work, but within the EU a 3 week batching programme 4 week wean around 49 farrowing places per batch would allow for all-in/all-out.