Batch farrowing Place

Monitoring the batch performance in the farrowing area


The batch farrowing place makes it easy to monitor, in real time, the performance of the farm.

On this page, we will examine the farrowing area in particular.  For the whole farm please visit this link.


The calculations require a target total born and target number weaned.

The spreadsheet then provides targets for the number of live piglets at each stage of lactation.

When the actual number of piglets are counted, the spreadsheet then offers a comment.

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Note the most important production result is the total weight weaned.

The actual pre-weaning mortality reviews the number of piglets weaned - looking at all reasons for failure achieve target numbers, including failure to farrow sufficient sows. 

If your born alive or born dead are not on target, then instigate an investigation.

The pre-weaning mortality number is not relevant to the productivity of the farm.