Batch Farrowing Place

Cost investigation on pig farms – input changes


A major advantage of running the farm around the batch farrowing place is the ability to compare the cost of production systems.  The basic model of 20 batch farrowing places will apply to all of the examinations.  Readers are encouraged to examine their own farm capabilities.


Before making any change to the basic inputs to the cost base of the farm – what are their impact?

The actual costs are default set at 0% increase on target costs.

In the example the labour and health costs are increased and the impact demonstrated.


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All changes made on the farm should result in profit

It is understood that some changes are “enforced” such as a change in feed prices.  However, models should be tried to demonstrate that, on paper at least, the changes are going to result in an income.

Specific changes may need a more detailed model of the farm area to be utilised.  These will be developed in later papers.  Even when changes are enforced, production may need to be enhanced to pay for these charges, the review of possible production changes are discussed in part 2.