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Swine Production Management - Isolation

Effective management of the isolation is vital to ensuring the health of the pigs.  The following advice sheets may be useful:

Introduction of Sows
















Health and Disease Status form
  • The isolation quarters are run as strict all-in/all-out
On arrival (first two weeks):
  1. Ensure animals are separate from native pigs for two weeks
  2. Ideally separate by 50 meters
  3. Attempt to climatize the animals to the new environment. Initially attempt to simulate the original environment. Make changes gradually
  4. Pay particular attention to:
    • the cooling systems and water supply
    • if possible have bagged feed from original farm or make attempts to match original feed . Ideally feed a lactation diet.
    • if pigs come from a straw based system, utilize straw or solid flooring before introducing to slatted systems
  5. The animals may require antimicrobial or additional vaccine therapy following introduction, please discuss with your veterinarian
    Usually a good idea to vaccinate against Erysipelas and Parvovirus.  Where required also consider Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PRRSv
  6. It is essential to have separate needles, syringes and medicines for each batch of gilts
  7. To control gastric ulceration the provision of coarse feed (>700 mm) should be provided for at least 4 weeks.

2nd to 4th week post introduction:

  1. Introduce cull adult or grow/finish stock to the new arrivals
  2. It may be necessary to introduce adults first for two weeks, then remove these and replace with growers. Weaner feces may be used a introduction material.  Note do not move material between different farms.
  3. Change over the environment to match local conditions
  4. It may be necessary to medicate the pigs depending on how they respond to the new diseases

4 to 8 weeks post introduction:

  1. Remove grow/finish animals to allow the new pigs time to recover from any illness
  2. Consider exposing gilts to a boar for 20 minutes a day to start stimulation

Introduce into the herd

  1. Place onto Lactator feed for 2 weeks prior to first service to flush the gilt.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect isolation quarters
  • Record all signs of illness over the 8 week period