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Swine Production Management - Isolation

Effective management of the isolation is vital to ensuring the health of the pigs.  The following advice sheets may be useful:

Introduction of Boars
















Health and Disease Status form
  • The isolation quarters are run as strict all-in/all-out
  • This includes needles and syringes, brushes and scrapes
  • Manage isolation at end of day to ensure a 12 hours break or have separate staff looking after the isolated pigs
On arrival (first two weeks):
  1. Ideally separate by 50 meters
  2. Attempt to climatize the animals to the new environment. Initially attempt to simulate the original environment. Make changes gradually
  3. Pay particular attention to:
    • the cooling systems and water supply
    • if possible have bagged feed from original farm or make attempts to match original feed.
    • if pigs come from a straw based system, utilize straw or solid flooring before introducing to slatted systems
  4. The animals may require antimicrobial or additional vaccine therapy following introduction, please discuss with your vet. Mycoplasma, Erysipelas SIV and PRRSv vaccination may be useful to consider
  5. It is essential to use new needles, syringes and medicines for each boar and record all signs of disease. A boar with a temperature can be infertile for 6 weeks.

2nd to 4th week post introduction:

  1. Introduce cull adult or grow/finish stock to the new arrivals (for on farm studs only).
  2. Introduce feed back materials from the nursery
    On AI studs introduce feces from the main stud to the corner of each boar dunging area three times a week to 'break down' the new boars to the environment of the stud.
  3. Change over the environment to match local conditions
  4. It may be necessary to medicate the pigs depending on how they respond to the new diseases

4 to 8 weeks post introduction:

  1. Remove grow/finish animals to allow the new pigs time to recover from any illness (for on farm studs only).  Stop feed back program
    On AI studs cease introduction of feces from the main stud
  • Discuss with source herd(s) regarding any problems that have occurred on the unit over the last 8 weeks, ideally obtain written confirmation of lack of problems via the internet
  • Introduce into the herd
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect isolation quarters
  • Record all signs of illness over the 8 week period