Possible impact of breeding more gilts that expected in this batch - short advice sheet

It is essential to meet the breeding target, however, gilt piglets do not perform like sow piglets.

This simple model allows you to make some assessment of the impact of breeding more gilts this batch.

If you are experiencing a problem in a group of finishing pigs - follow this link to look back at which breeding group the animals originated in.

The default mode is for the normal number of gilts being used.


The major use of this spreadsheet is to illustrate that breeding a large number of gilts can have a significant negative impact on finishing performance.

Monitor your gilt use carefully so you do not destabilize the herd's immunity.  A major failing by producers presented with large number of gilts, is to forget isolation, acclimatisation, feed-back programmes and other immunity stabilisation techniques.

A properly functioning pig flow model would prevent large numbers of gilts piglets suddenly entering the weaner pool.

Other gilt breeding issues What is a suitable parity profile?

Each farm's gilt performance will be difference, the default is one example.  Examine the performance of your gilt litters using a simple trial over 200 piglets.

A simplified version looking at impact of gilt litters on finishing performance

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