Suspected Exotic Disease Protocols


Client suspects an unusual or potentially exotic disease







Request client seal the property

Place keep out notices at all public entrances

Request that all personnel remain at the property until the vet arrives

Veterinarians responsibility


Wear disposable outer clothing and only wear farm boots

Take Vircon S concentrate in the car (or other suitable disinfectant)

Ensure you have a camera and mobile phone which works

Ensure you have a rectal thermometer

Upon arrival examine stock carefully


Photograph and catalogue any observed clinical signs

The veterinarian suspects an unusual or exotic disease


Phone practice to inform partners. Email photographs of clinical signs

Phone Department of Agriculture Veterinarian (WA number 1-800-675-888)

Provide full name and address of the farm and GSP location if possible

Provide clear details of how to get to the location of animals and farm

Email photographs and clinical details of the observed lesions

Before the Department of Agriculture Veterinarian arrives (unless otherwise authorized)


Stop movement of all animals from and to the farm

Stop all movement of vehicles from the farm

Divert all movement of all vehicles that are to arrive at the farm such as feed trucks, milk tanker etc.

Ensure farm perimeter entry points prohibit vehicle movements for example place tractor across entrance, ensure signs are in place, if necessary place stockpeople at entrance

Proceed with a detailed clinical examination of all the other stock on the farm all species

Leaving the farm


Follow all advice given by the Department of Agriculture Veterinarian

Leave disposable overalls

Leave farm boots

Leave rectal thermometer

Do not remove any items contaminated with faeces or blood

If necessary rewrite notes on clean paper

Provide counseling and support to the client with regard to possibility that the suspect disease is confirmed

Implement suitable additional biosecurity measures

Spray car wheels and wheel hubs with Vircon S

On the way home wash car in hot steam car wash

Double wash all clothing with detergent

Shower thoroughly minimum 3 minutes note watch and glasses

Thoroughly clean and disinfect all equipment removed from the farm

During routine visit the veterinarian suspects an exotic or unusual animal disease


Proceed from vet responsibility point 3

Do not take personal boots and overalls from the farm

Ensure you have a small supply of Vircon S (or suitable disinfectant) in the car at all times


OIE list of notifiable conditions

Notifiable conditions of WA

FDA advice on what to do if you suspect a notifiable condition

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