Pig (Sus Scrofa) Tracks




The bottom of the front feet.  This particular pig would drag its front feet occasionally, hence the blunting of the toe.

Impression of the front foot.  The supernummary digits of the front foot tends to be longer and more prominent than the hind.



The bottom of the hind feet

Impression of a hind foot with the typical deep U shape

Along the track there will be scratch and rub areas, possibly with wallows.  There will be rooted soil with grasses neatly clipped by the pig’s teeth.

The tracks shown are a trotting gait.    The supernummary digits are not always registered



Side view of the foot.  The supernummary digits just contact the ground

Note that the hind hooves register almost precisely atop foreprints and that the track pattern is regular and very straight.

Mother and piglets tracks