Diseases and Disorders of the Gestating House 


Repro abortion2

Abscess sow

Anaemic grower gastric ulcer


Numerous causes – PRRSV and Leptospirosis infectious causes


Not uncommon in pigs and can become extremely large


Growing pigs shown, classical cause gastric ulcer

Cancer swollen neck 2

Atrophic Rhinitis 01 sw

Sow condition 3


Uncommon – differential of a  swollen neck

Atrophic rhinitis

Adults carry the causal organism.  Distortion will be life long

Aujeszky’s Disease

Pseudorabies, may be non clinical in adults.  Reproductive problems

Leg epipysiolysis 1cracked hoof

Repro orchitis Strep 02sw

Leg bursa on hindleg

Biotin deficiency

A differential in horizontal cracks in the foot


Uncommon, to consider in orchitis cases


Common – swelling particular along hock

Leg bush foot

Clostridial hepatopathy2

Clostridial hepatopathy detail

Bush Foot

Infection in the foot resulting in gross deformity and swelling of the foot possibly multiple abscesses

Clostridial disease

Clostridium novyi results in severe hepatic degeneration with sudden death and gas bubbles in the liver

leg conformation kr

Leg conformation pointing kr

Urine colours2

Conformation problems

Gilts and boars should be rejected with clearly visible conformation problems before breeding.

Cystitis and pyelonephritis

Normal urine left, cystitis with frank blood on right

Urinary Chronic catarrhal cystits

Urinary UVJ acute damage


Urinary Pyelonephritis chronicactive

Cystitis and pyelonephritis

A common cause of death in adult sows.  Catarrhal haemorrhagic cystitis, ureterovesical necrosis and active chronic pyelonephritis associated with urinary reflux

Eperythrozoon suis sow 01sw




Clinically uncommon may result in anaemia.  Associated with Mycoplasma haemosuis.


Sudden death.  Acute cases present with diamond lesions on skin, chronic – arthritis - endocarditis

Foot and Mouth Disease

Any signs of vesicles on a pig’s snout and feet must be reported to the Government veterinary services.

Legs humerous break, gilt overweight boar

Gastric rupture adult

Post mortem external


Associated with osteroporosis or acute trauma

Gastric ulcer

Common.  Occurs after period of not eating, cause of anaemia, abdominal pain and sudden death


Sudden death and acute meningitis with pleurisy in naive gilts and boars

Skin sow

Legs hip abscess

Atrophic rhinitis aquired

Greasy Skin

Sows often have poor greasy or scaly skins.


Differential from an abscess, swelling full of fluid.

Jaw and snout deformities

Common associated with poorly designed accommodation

Lame sow

Lame spinal abs 1

Legs epiphysiolysis gilt


Very common in adult pigs.

Foot held high injury low down, foot held low, injury high up

- abscess/spinal injury

Pig presents dragging hind legs, front legs and head generally unaffected

- epiphyseolysis

Part of the OCD complex, combined with trauma, results in separation at the epiphyseal plate

Leg granuloma

Legs infected gross tarsus adult

Legs infected joint adult tartus PM

- granuolma

Large chronic – often painless ulcerated mass. Borelia suis  may be associated

- Infection

Infection may be more obvious in dead animals than alive.  The two pictures show the outside view and the post-mortem view of a sow which was stood on by another sow

Legs osteochrondrosis

Repro Aborted piglets

Leukaemia 3


Common, generally non-clinical but severe forms can cause lameness


A cause of abortion. There are many leptospira spp.


In gilts and young sows a common differential cause of unresponsive thin sows

Haematopinus suis

Mange chronic ear B

Mammary chronic abscess

Lice infestation

Associated with Haemotopinus suis.  The lice are easily seen walking on the sow causes severe irritation



Common.  Infestation results in chronic irritation for the sows and boars

Mastitis chronic

Common.  Results in loose of a mammary gland and may affect number of piglets weaned

Legs dog sitting position kr

Myco  OCD SN6

Parvovirus mummified piglet

Muscle tearing

If the sow slips or damages the muscle attachment severe lameness can result

Mycoplasma hyosynoviae

A cause of acute lameness particularly in new gilts and boars resulting in synovitis


Causes no clinical problems in the live pig, but results in SMEDI symptoms in the gilt or sow


Pleurisy acute adult

PIA haemorrhagic gross melana


Numerous causes, perforation of the gut by foreign bodies


Pneumonia uncommon in adults, can be a cause of sudden death

Porcine Enteropathy - Ileitis

The haemorrhagic form can be a cause of sudden death in older gilts and boars,

PIA haemorrhagic gross PM

Diarrhorea adult

Repro abortion2

present with haemorrhagic small intestine.  Torsions are a differential.  Vaccine would be useful for incoming animals

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea

Causes diarrhea in adults and in Asia severe mortality in piglets


Cause of abortion in the USA.  Can be non-clinical

Pietrains straw kennel

Rectumprolaps 02sw

Prolapsed rectum sow

Porcine Stress Syndrome

Sudden death, Pietrains (shown) particularly sensitive

Prolapse of the rectum

Common.  Requires fixation.  Review flooring

Prolapse of the vagina and cervix

Common, review flooring



Salmonella ears slaughter

Legs shoulder sores

Repro oestrous discharge


Uncommon in adults.  S. cholerae suis can kill adults

Shoulder sores    

Common, particularly in thin sows from the farrowing house


Stillborn, mummified, embryonic death and infertility – Parvo and Enteroviruses

Brain damaged stroke

Skin sunburn2

Swine dysentery gross B


Uncommon, in older sows.  May be temporary or result in partial paralysis – as shown


Can be common outside,  but may also be seen indoors with uncontrolled sunlight exposure

Swine dysentery

Uncommon,  but in an outbreak can kill adult sows


Swine Fever bladder

Swine influenza eyes2

Condition-thin 04sw

Swine Fever

Classical and African Swine Fever may present as abortion and death in sows

Swine influenza

Common.  Sneezing, nasal discharges and abortions

Thin sow syndrome

Many reasons, poor feed management and bullying

Repro vulva biting

Torsion spleen stomach

Twist intestinal


May become common in loose housed sows, often present as vulval biting


Abdominal disasters – torsion of stomach, spleen, small and large intestine and liver lobes are common causes of sudden death in the sow.  Review feeding routines

Repro Post-service vulval discharge 1

Repro mycotoxin vulva B


Vulval discharge

Post breeding discharges common if reproductive protocols poor


A mycotoxin which can result in pseudopregnancy.  Persistently enlarge vulva may be seen in young gilts