Surgical Procedures in Pigs

Ventral Vasectomy in the Pig


General anatomy of the male reproductive tract.  Note the tract of the vas deferens.


In addition note that the pig’s testes is ‘upside’ down with the tail of the epididymis at the top of the testes.


Remove pig from feed and water for 8 hours.  Clean pig.

Pigs over 3 weeks of age should be anaethesized for castration


Sedation and anaesthesia

Intramuscular injection of Telazol® - xylazine-ketamine mixture (“TKX”). Reconstitute powdered Telazol® with 250mg xylazine (2.5ml) and 250mg ketamine (2.5ml). Dose at 1ml/25-35kg

Alternative could be intramuscular injection of xylazine 0.5-2.2 mg/kg IM and Telazol® 3-6 mg/kg IM. 

Place the pig on its back and prepare the area between the groin

A single incision is made midline or two incisions in the groin groove.  Note the large blood vessels in the groin.

Cut down through the skin and muscle layers.  The vaginal tunic will be felt under the finger as a mobile tube

Finding the vas deferens can be assisted by the assistant pushing up on the testes.

Carefully cut through the vaginal tunic, the vas deferens will be seen as a white tube.  Release the vas deferens by pushing artery forceps through the interstitial tissues.  Pulling on the released vas deferens will pull on the testes.

Once you are sure the vas deferens are released.  Place sutures and ligate the vas deferens at the proximal end.  Use 0 vicryl.  Nylon may be found at slaughter and should be avoided.

Repeat the ligature at the distal end of the vas deferens – about 9 cm further down the vas deferens.

The vas deferens can be confirmed by rolling the removed duct and seeing the central hole as shown.  Place the removed vas into 10% formaldehyde.

Repeat the removal of the vas deferens on the opposite side.  Close the incision, closure of the vaginal tunic, muscle, submucosal layers and skin layers.

Allow the pig to recover from the anaesthesia.